How To Live Your Life Like James Bond ?

Who doesn’t want to live an adventurous life like the British Secret Service agent James bond?.

We have always loved his style and way of handling things.

Ever wondered how you could bring James bond out of you and turn your life into a more exciting one.

Let’s dive into 10 simple ways how you can turn your regular life to a “BOND” life.

(PS : Yeah, I seriously mean it.)

Dress like that!

Yes, Ever seen James in a lousy dress?. I bet, you will never. Bond takes his attire very seriously, and so you should.

He always shows up with his fine tailored suits, you must have seen in his movies, especially in the gambling scene of the “Casino Royale” 2006 movie. how perfect he looks in that suit, doesn’t’ he?

so, What do you learn here?.

Don’t wear T-shirts and Short’s at Outdoors, especially when you are surrounded by people.

Your dressing reflects what you are.

People notice you by the way you talk, walk, dress. customize your formals and casuals for yourself. choose them wisely for the occasions. Try to be yourself at all times. Wear clothes that fit you properly, not too loose, and not too tight.


You should read a lot. James can be seen as a well-informed guy in his movies.

You will never want to attend meetings and embarrass yourself without knowing the context of the meeting, right?.

Try to catch up with the current affairs around you. Try to surround yourself with Podcastsaudiobooks which will improve your listening and communication skills.

You can read anything that interests you.

Make reading every day your habit and you will be one step closer to unleashing the “BOND” in you.

Learn Foreign Language

Did you notice how bond greets people when he meets them for the very first time?.

He greets people in their native language. see how he did that in a movie scene.

Science has proved that the best way to sharpen your memory is to learn a new skill. Why not consider learning a new language then?

Plus leaning new language opens huge opportunities for you to communicate with others across the globe.

You can consider yourself talking to a pretty german girl, after that.

Learn at least one foreign language.

Best Languages to learn

Travel places

Bond has traveled to a lot of places.

Whether it be Japan, Russia, or anywhere in the world. Bond has never failed to attract us for those beautiful resorts, beach views he visits.

Travelling makes men stretch out of their routine lives.

It’s a great way to communicate with your soul. Travelling will make your life interesting and will give you short breaks in between your busy routines.

It will boost your productivity at work. Explore nearby places around you.

After all, life gives you one chance to play the game.

Meet new People

Bond is always accompanied by people. Many of them are CIA agents, Business guys. Why so? Because living a bond life takes people networking.

By meeting new people, you exchange your ideas with them. now that’s a healthy thing. when you surround yourself with smart people, you eventually become one.

Also, people networking helps you to expand your horizons. It would give you immense knowledge about other domains. Meeting people boosts confidence.

Don’t feel shy when you see a beautiful girl waiting for her bus. Go talk to her.

Learn Self-Defense skills

What you would do if someone tries to kidnap you?. just kidding.😛 but, there might be a case some day. ( will never want at all )

You can see James fighting those bullies, handling weapons at a pro-level.

Ever thought how does he do that?.

He has mastered the art of self-defense. After all, you don’t have to undertake missions as he does 🙂

but it is, worth it if you learn some serious self-defense skills. Enroll yourself for karate, taekwondo coaching. Also, build your strength by weight lifting and running.

Going to the gym is a must for future Bonds!.

More self-defense skills

Learn life-saving skills

Bond knows how to jump-start a car? how to escape a fire ? How to escape handcuffs? and several similar life saving skills.

You should know how to handle critical emergencies.

What would you do if you get caught in any of those situations?. Think about it.

Get yourself equipped with emergency contact numbers, know the basics of how to extinguish a fire ? How to perform a CPR?. yes , that too !.

More life-saving skills

Be attentive to details

The “Blowing up the block scene” in Spectre’s movie reflects that James Bond is very good at giving attention to details.

Have you ever seen Sherlock Holmes missing a clue in his investigation?. NO. he gives attention to minute things he sees. That’s why he is known as one of the best-known detectives of all time. Train your brain to pay attention to details.

When you meet someone, try to remember their names. so that you can call them by their name next time you meet them.

Be attentive at all times. 🕵

“Its always better to understand first, then to be understood”.

Master Driving.

Who doesn’t love those luxurious cars in his movies?

From Aston-Martin to Rolls-Royce.

Also, James driving can be seen as a curse to society. 😅 He thrashes his car anywhere, takes deadly turns, and whatnot.

We don’t encourage that here. but for simplicity, you at least should master driving a car or any other vehicle.

(Note: You can try to hands on a private jet if you can afford one.)

Talk to women.

Lastly, Bond is all about charisma. The way he talks with girls.The way he makes them laugh.The way he dines with them. Talking to women takes skills. yes, It does.

You can master these skills too.

Just follow some basic principles and you are good to go.

  • Stop being shy.
  • Have eye contact while talking.
  • Think before you speak.


So, now you know “What is Living a Bond Life all About”.

Which one would you likely implement in your routine life?.

Comment your thoughts & share this article if you found helpful.

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