How To Sound Incredibly Smart (Even If You Are Not One)?


Do you want to talk like GOD (literally)(people pay attention to what you say)?.

Do you want people to admire you?.

Do you want to sound incredibly smart when you talk?.

Ok , If your all answers to the above questions say “YES”, then this article is perfect for you.

Below are 5 things that anybody can do to become SMART.

Learn To Read

Great people read a lot. so if you want to sound smart, you have to read a lot. because reading will give you the information/content you can use in a talk.

You should know what you are talking about.

Does anybody want to talk to a baseless guy(who doesn’t know what he is talking about)? No, right.

Read the news, Read magazines/articles, Just read to stay informed and updated.

Always remember “Knowledge is true power“.

Learn Number Crunching

It can be said, “Numbers speak louder than words“. Numbers bring great attention to what you say. It represents that the person is speaking legit statements when they are accompanied by numbers.

People usually easily digest the fact when some numbers are used along with it.

In this case, number-crunching skills will surely help you a lot.

for ex: if you are talking about a business, statements like “A made $5 million dollars and B made $10 million dollars.” sounds more usual.

instead, you can use

B made 200% more than A” will surely catch people’s attention.

Use number-crunching skills to support your facts and statements with numbers, so that you sound like a legit & smart man in your next conversation.

Learn To Remember

yes, learn to remember information that is useful.

Facts & Numbers can be easily forgotten, train your brain to remember these things so that you can use them as weapons for your next conversation.

It’s good to know basic things to have a clear conversation about it.

Learn the Dooms’ Day Algorithm

This may sound a bit weird, but learning the doom’s day algorithm can help you pull out miracles with dates & days information.

In case if you want to sound smart in your next conversation, use doom’s day algorithm to quickly find out day for the particular date, while others are surfing their calendars.

Use this trick to earn money from people “I can tell day for any date, any year”, lol.

You will win(earn money) for sure if you master this skill.

To learn watch it here.

Learn Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills are the best paying skills in any industry.

It may no doubt help you in your next conversation, problem-solving skills improve your brain’s thinking capability. It improves logical reasoning and helps to approach a problem in a structured manner.

Problem-solving can enhance decision-making skills, so you won’t utter any bad shit in your conversations.

So, The Next Time You Talk To Somebody , Just Leave An Impression On Them.

These were the 5 things that you can learn to master the art of persuading people by your talk and you can justify it with facts & numbers.

Hope you like it!.

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