How To Stay 100% Productive At Work!

Hey, Sunday is over now! you gotta head to work, don’t you?.

Have you ever given thought about how do you spend your day?

What do you do to make the most of it?.

The above questions will force you to consider your daily routine, and you might wanna change your habits that influence your actions.

In this article, we will talk about the technique that I learned to unleash the beast in myself and to become super productive in day hours.

So, the next time when you hit Mondays, you will be supercharged and you will just hit the ground running.

Let’s start then,

Design A Morning Routine For Yourself:

The first thing that you have to understand is your morning routine. Morning routines are the foundation for your day.

Great morning routines can help you save time a lot.

Many tasks need to be done, you may get lost if you don’t plan for them accordingly.

Give yourself a 15-Minute Power Break to list all the tasks that need to be done during the day.

Now, use the Pareto principle[80/20 rule] to prioritize the tasks.

80/20 rule mainly specifies the “20% of work that drives 80% results”.

Figure out that 20 % work that when done, can give you 80 % results.It will help you stay focused instead of staying just busy.

Understand what is important that needs to be done, instead of just doing every possible thing on your to-do list.

You can save a lot of time if, you stick to this habit.

Use 2 Modes Of Thinking

99% of people in this world usually don’t give their full attention to the task that they are currently doing, instead, they check their phones, emails when they get bored at the task.

They think that checking the phone is just a way of rewarding themselves for the hard work that they have put in their tasks.

Hence, they just keep switching between their important tasks and fun[phones , emails, instagram].

And, they ultimately end up with poor results at the end of the day.

This sort of thinking is called “default thinking” that everyone uses when he/she is at work.


What productive people do is:

Task positive thinking & Task Negative thinking.

Task positive thinking.

Task positive thinking is the thinking which involves full dedication in the task that you are doing. It is more of goal-oriented thinking, in which you solely focus on your task for a while.

you don’t let other forms of distractions ruin your productivity at work, you fully focus on that task.

You do “Deep-Work” in this type of thinking,[refer: “The Deep Work ” by Cal Newport ]

Task Negative Thinking

Task Negative thinking can be called as “day-dreaming” or “mind-wandering” mode.

In this mode, you specifically let your mind wander with some creative thoughts.

This type of thinking mainly helps you to solve a lot of problems, it mainly invokes creativity at your work.

Just let your brain wander around, don’t feed your brain with unnecessary information in this time. instead, use your imagination to solve complex problems.

How to use these two modes of thinking?

It’s pretty simple to use the above technique at work.

Just follow the steps below:-

Step 1: Identify the task that you need to do.

Step 2: Assign a time for the task, and do that work for the next 25 minutes without thinking of anything else, with full concentration. (Note: use Pomodoro Technique Timer counter for the same)

Step 3: After 25 minutes, switch to the task-negative mode for your next 5 minutes.

Step 5: Just repeat, the above steps until you get exhausted.

So, that’s it, you now can be a super productive guy at your work,

Just use the above technique to start taking control on how you use your time?.

Remember Life feels short for those who want to achieve great things.

Great things take time, hence learning time management & productivity skills would pay off one day.

If you find this article helpful, please like & share it.

Any suggestions are welcomed!

Thanks for reading!

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