Don't Let That Happen In India …

I am writing this article amid such panic situation caused by the spread of COVID-19 virus.

If you still haven’t understood the crisis, may be this video will help you understand it much better.

Military Vehicle Carrying Dead Bodies

The above video is from Italy where the death toll has touched skies, Italy being , one of leading hub for medical facilities, is too facing such heavy loss of human lives.

Doctor’s & medical staff is working day and night to tackle the situation. People out there, are serving in best possible way, out there to serve mankind.

Then Where do we stand ?

My point is not to compare anything, but if things get out of control for us, we won’t be able to curb it easily.

I don’t want my people to die like anything.

I am very much concerned about my country now. India is now at stage 2 , where if precautions & necessary action ,if not taken will only result to what we call the “Worst“.

There would be severe loss to human lives , as we don’t have equipped medical facilities to treat our people.

On 22nd March, where PM Modi addressed nation , with his message to stay in their home & implement social distancing. Avoid unnecessary travel and other precautionary steps to cope up with this crisis.

He also asked people to appreciate & thank people who are working continuously to serve mankind,

PM Speech

I felt proud yesterday, when people across all states adhered to rules laid out by respective government.

What happened today?.

Today , 23rd March , Monday, people forgot everything, they gathered in huge numbers, resumed their in-disciplinary actions to make situation even worse for our country.

“Lockdown is not for us “. – Delhiites or Dilliwalas

If we don’t act properly, things will only get worse for us.

Do you really want your kids to suffer?.

Do you want your family to suffer?.

Do you want to lose your loved ones?.

If no, Please, for gods sake , stop acting irresponsibly.

Your simple mistake can ruin many lives. Act responsibly now.

Please follow all the instructions as prescribed by government to your fullest.

Mark my works, If we don’t act now, Nobody will help us out.

Only message to readers:


  • STAY SAFE , STAY AT YOUR HOMES . (Irrespective of your situation)


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