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How To Setup Http to Https Redirect For Any Server (IIS | Apache) ?

In this blog post, we will be using a free SSL certificate provider called NakedSSL, which helps you to redirect your traffic from a non-https service to an https.

After reading this tutorial, you will get to know how you can secure a website for free.

You will also learn, How to get Free SSL Certificate for your naked domain?

NakedSSL is a developer service proudly built and launched by okay bueno GmbH | Digital Product Studio.

NakedSSL helps developers and webmasters redirect naked domains by giving them valid SSL certificates for free.

Let’s get started ,

Step 1:

Just visit NakedSSL from your web browser.

Step 2:

You will see the homepage of the site, like below:-

Step 3:

Type in your “domain address” in the text-box and click “Run Test“.

Step 4:

After submitting your domain address, you will see the Registration page as below:-

Step 5:

Just Fill the details such as Name, Email & Choose a password , (remember to check “I have read“) and click register.

Step 6:

After registering , You will get below page :

(You have to verify your email address by clicking the link sent on your email address)

Here’s the sample email , for your email confirmation . Just click on “confirm my account” to activate your email.

Step 7:

After successful verification of your email, you will see below dashboard. (In case if you don’t see it, please login with your credentials first)

Step 8:

Now click on “Add Domain” , to add your domain details.

Step 9:

After clicking “Add Domain“, you will see below page.

Just type the Naked Domain in the left textbox and specify the address where you want to redirect your traffic to the right textbox.

For Instance : Naked Domain like & Redirect to like (Redirect to will be automatically filled, in case your redirection is on your existing domain).

After filling, the details just click the “Next” button.

Step 10 :

Now choose between Europe & USA . (As per the user traffic you have ) and click “Next

Step 11:

Choose Fine-tuning accordingly, (It is optional). You can specify the cache-control & Enable STS option. (Even if you don’t understand anything, just click next with default values).

Step 12:

After clicking “Next“, You will see below screen

Now, you just have to do simple things:-

Login to your domain service provider control panel (from where you have bought your domain)

Navigate to DNS settings & copy/paste Naked SSL IP address (for ex: to your A records IP Fields.

Step 13:

For this tutorial, we have used our domain service provider as Hostinger, but you can use any domain provider.

Here’s our domain control panel from “

(Notice we have added their IP address in our A Record). where Host is ‘@” means “for naked domain” points to “NakedSSL IP Address” with TTL “1800”)

Step 14:

After updating your DNS A record, you will see below page

NakedSSL will fetch the “A” record from your domain service provider, if there is some error in the process, those errors will be shown too.

In case you want NakedSSL to check your DNS settings now, click on that ‘Check DNS Now“. (Process will only complete if you have an A record in your domain control panel which points to NakedSSL IP Address)

It will take a few minutes to complete the process. (Once it is completed you will get the below confirmation email)

Congratulations, You have just set up a Free SSL service for your Naked Domain.

Now, All your web traffic will be redirected from to, isn’t it super cool?.

Let me know, in the comments, if you face any difficulties with the configuration.

Please share it with others if you find this helpful.

Thanks for reading!

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