GetPaidTo Review ( Is It A Scam ? )

GetPaidTo is a platform where you get paid for the stuff you have always loved to do online. They have state of the art referral program to help members sky socket their earnings online. 

They are market leaders in the rewards industry since 2000 and have over 1,30,000 active members.

One can easily earn extra cash online, by completing simple activities which you are already doing online. (watching videos, ads, trailers, shopping).

What is GetPaidTo?

GetPaidTo is a vast community of advertisers, that offers several reward programs for you to make money online. 

For each activity you do on the platform you get paid in points, these points can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

You get paid for answering Surveys, Playing Games, completing easy tasks like visiting offers online, watching videos, etc. (doing stuff’s that you always loved to do when you are online)

They have one of the most simple reward programs available online, which helps you to earn more.

How To Join GetPaidTo?

Joining GetPaidTo is free and will always be. You can start earning online once your account is confirmed by GetPaidTo Team.

It’s easy to join, You simply have to sign up on their offical site.

How Do I Earn Huge Money From GetPaidTo?

GetPaidTo offers great earning potential. There are 4 ways to generate money from this site, You get paid for following fun-loving activities:-

Play Fun Games Online

You can easily earn by playing different games available on their platform. 

There is a wide selection of games including sudoku, crossword, word search, pool, jigsaw, arcade games, and more, play to earn GPT points which you can convert to cash or gift cards.

You earn points for playing games from start to finish, Earning potential is quite good as there are a lot of games on board to play.

You can check a complete list of games on their offical site.

Fill High Paid Surveys

Filling Surveys is the best thing to do when you get paid to share your thoughts on business service. This is the ultimate option if you want to increase your earning potential online.

GetPaidTo offers top high paid surveys from top-notch companies like Theoremreach, SaySo, Yuno, Your Surveys. You get paid for answering simple questions about their service and for each survey you complete.  

Try Offers Online

Now If you have always loved shopping online, GetPaidTO has a lot of offers available for you to browse online. It’s just the most trustworthy way to earn some extra cash online. Some of the best offers are Offertory, Adscendmedia, Revenue Universe, Adgatemedia, AdGem, Wannads, Peanutlabs.

Watch videos, Ads, Trailers

GetPaidTo also allows you to maximize your earnings by completing basic and simple tasks like watching videos, ads, trailers in your free time.

You just have to watch videos from start to finish, once you finish, you get paid in points. You get paid little for watching videos online, but as there are more videos available on their platform, you can still earn money.

These videos are posted by top companies who wish to share a word about the services they offer. 

You can easily get paid by doing these activities in your free time and without spending your own money.

Features Of GetPaidTo

You might be asking Why you should Join GetPaidTo when there are a lot of other services offering the same? The answer remain’s simple, GetPaidTo has a lot and best to offer to their members. 

It’s Free – GetPaidTO is free to join, it does not include any hidden cost or extra charges, for you to earn online. You can focus on earning online, without spending any money.

Great Customer Service – One of the main reasons for choosing GetPaidTo is they, offer great customer satisfaction. They follow simple but effective communication medium and prompt responses for queries.

Weekly Contest

GetPaidTo helps you earn from Leaderboard points. The more you earn, the higher you rank on the leaderboard. Once you hit top positions, you can claim your prizes and bonuses. you can earn a bonus of 10,000 + points if you rank high.

Great Referral Program

As already said, They have a strong referral program. GetPaidTo pays you great money for referring friends to their site. You get straight 15% commission on points earnings of your friend – for life. 

Quick Guides and Material :

If you stuck somewhere, you can easily refer to a lot of guides available or may even contact their customer support team. GetPaidTo Team is known for the minimum response time for queries. 

You can also raise a ticket if you are facing any issues on their platform.

How Do I Get Paid?

GetPaidTo pays its members through a variety of payment options available. You can receive your payments from Bank Transfer, Skrill, Crypto Currencies,, Paypal, or Vodafone Cash.

You are free to select any one payment option to start receiving payments and earning money online.

My Final Thoughts

You can use GetPaidTo to earn some extra cash on the go. For that you don’t have to spend a single dime, you can do it instantly in your free time.

(all at sitting on your comfortable sofa 🙂 )

The best part about their service is that they have a much-simplified interface, and opportunities to earn money online are just endless. I have personally tried their service and found it super helpful. 

Hope you liked this article, Share if you found helpful

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