Pointer’s In Depth

Pointer’s are the variable that stores the address of another variable. Whenever there is a need to refer/store the address of another variable for any operation, we use pointers. Pointer variables can be declared as follows: Basics of Pointers When using pointer’s, 2 operators are mainly used: Address of Operator (&) Value at Address Operator … Continue reading Pointer’s In Depth

Arrays In Depth

Arrays are one of the most basic data structures used today. Arrays can be defined as a data structure that holds the same group of elements, which are stored at contiguous memory locations. They are stored in contiguous memory locations to guarantee randomized access for a particular element. Arrays are best for fast lookup,i.e if … Continue reading Arrays In Depth

How To Stay 100% Productive At Work!

Hey, Sunday is over now! you gotta head to work, don’t you?. Have you ever given thought about how do you spend your day? What do you do to make the most of it?. The above questions will force you to consider your daily routine, and you might wanna change your habits that influence your … Continue reading How To Stay 100% Productive At Work!

How To Sound Incredibly Smart (Even If You Are Not One)?

Hey, Do you want to talk like GOD (literally)(people pay attention to what you say)?. Do you want people to admire you?. Do you want to sound incredibly smart when you talk?. Ok , If your all answers to the above questions say “YES”, then this article is perfect for you. Below are 5 things … Continue reading How To Sound Incredibly Smart (Even If You Are Not One)?

5 Investments For A Better Future

Invest In Books Books are great investments. They will enhance your thinking power and teach you to make better decisions in the long run. They compile some great thoughts, processes, methods of some very successful people. All successful people are constant readers. Books are filled with strong ideas that bring immense values to our life. Read … Continue reading 5 Investments For A Better Future

10 Simple Ways To Live Like James Bond.

Who doesn’t want to live an adventurous life like British Secret Serviceagent James bond?. We have always loved his style and way of handling things. Ever wondered how you could bring James bond out of you and turn your life into a more exciting one. Let’s dive into 10 simple ways how you can turn your regular … Continue reading 10 Simple Ways To Live Like James Bond.

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