Graph’s In Depth [PART 1]

Graph is a non linear data structure which consist of set of Edges & Vertices. They have applications in many fields of studies, Computer Networks are visualized through graphs, Internet is a one big example. Unlike Tree data structure,which is connected,graph may not always be connected. Graph In the above graph:- V={A,B,C,D,E,F} E={(A,B),(A,D),(B,C),(C,D),(D,E),(E,F),(C,F)} Where V... Continue Reading →

Pointer’s In Depth

Pointer’s are the variable that stores the address of another variable. Whenever there is a need to refer/store the address of another variable for any operation, we use pointers. Pointer variables can be declared as follows: int *p; //p is a pointer to integer char *a; //a is a pointer to character float *z; //z... Continue Reading →

Arrays In Depth

Arrays are one of the most basic data structures used today. Arrays can be defined as a data structure that holds the same group of elements, which are stored at contiguous memory locations. They are stored in contiguous memory locations to guarantee randomized access for a particular element. Arrays are best for fast lookup,i.e if... Continue Reading →

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