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How To Integrate Auto Complete Search To Your Web Application ?

In this tutorial, we will integrate an auto-suggest feature to our existing web application. We will implement facebook’s user-search functionality in this tutorial. Auto Suggest feature helps to generate recommendations based on letters you type in the text box thus reducing user effort and enhance user experience. Google uses auto-suggest for their search queries and … Continue reading How To Integrate Auto Complete Search To Your Web Application ?

Strings in Depth

Strings can be defined as a collection of characters with a null character (‘\0’) at the end. Strings are written in between double quotes for ex: “Welcome to C Programming”. Declaration of String The general form of declaring a string is char string_name[size]; where string_name is the name of the array & size specifies the … Continue reading Strings in Depth

Graph’s In Depth [PART 1]

Graph is a non linear data structure which consist of set of Edges & Vertices. They have applications in many fields of studies, Computer Networks are visualized through graphs, Internet is a one big example. Unlike Tree data structure,which is connected,graph may not always be connected. In the above graph:- V={A,B,C,D,E,F} E={(A,B),(A,D),(B,C),(C,D),(D,E),(E,F),(C,F)} Where V & … Continue reading Graph’s In Depth [PART 1]